Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer - Kids, Breasts, Crazy People and More

OK…I know that it has been quite some time since I have posted here at my own freaking blog. I don’t know, I guess ‘real life’ is getting the majority of my time.

Anyway, I thought that you all should hear about what is happening in my world.

First of all, I have been spending a lot of time working with a very nice (but completely off his rocker) guy trying to organize 5 lacrosse teams within our city. It is much more work than I thought. Last spring I was just coaching and this year I will be serving as the club’s General Manager. This means everything from securing sponsorships, website development (which ZenMom is so graciously helping with), coordinating with parents, developing relationships with all of the schools, formulating and conducting recruitment activities, hiring coaching staff, reaching out to local media, etc.

The funny part is that this is all for kids between 7th and 12 grades…who predominately do not show a bit of gratitude. (assholes!!)

Next on my list is....I was driving down the street last week and look over at the car next to me and almost chocked!!! I wanted to be nowhere near this lady. (I so wish I had taken a photo).

She was driving with one hand, was playing on her iPhone, had a breast pump harness system going (like the one pictured below) ...boobs out and pumping away....and she had a laptop up on some holder so that she could use it while driving.

What else?..... Oh yeah, so I am driving with our little 11 year old rock climber (who tends to back seat drive at the drop of a hat) and we get to a 4 way stop .

She reads aloud, “Stop - All Way …that means that you have to stop all the way?! Right”…I think this one, having grown up with California’s rolling stops, may need to read the drivers manual a few extra times.
One day at the beach…no twice now we were at the beach (with a large group of kids) and this ….woman(?) showed up.

Not only did she reposition regularly…like a roasting pig, but she moved in a way that everyone within 50 yards saw EVERYTHING! I think the beach rules should cover people like her.

Lastly, we’ve spent the last month hosting Mariah’s sister and her 3 kids. It has been a lot of fun and we all enjoyed the visit, though our house was FULL!!!!! 3 parents, 9 kids, 3 dogs, 2 birds and 2 guinea pigs. We did though have great beach days, hikes, trips, family time ….and I was even forced to sit through a dinner theatre musical….while trying to digest under cooked fish.
Now, Cody (15) is off at his second Boy Scout came of the summer (hiking down the Grand Canyon , camping and then hiking out).
Amanda (18) is finally back from her 2 weeks trip to Bali…and now preparing to go off to college.
I spose I just roll with it all….What else is a Hot Dad to do?


Amy, formerly known as Scandy! said...

Why, why did you have to show the picture of the beached whale woman? Jesus! There goes my lunch.
I guess I was thinking of starting a new diet, so, I guess I should thank you for kick starting it...

Papa K said...

Dude. Those pics are great. I can't believe you were actually able to get pictures of her!

Mariah said...

It has been nuts around here! CRAZY in fact! It's going to be weird when the kids leave and it's just us... oh wait, we'll still have the dogs, the birds and the guinea pigs. *sigh*

UP said...

Good grief!


Raquel's World said...

Love the pic of all the kids. That beach lady WTF!! Sometimes we cannot see ourselves. YOu should have showed her some pics of her then warned her it was due to become internet history maybe that would have gotten her under control. How do you even begin to explain to your kids why that lady is rolling around looking a hot inappropriate mess?

Danielle said...

Glad to see you around and having a wild and fun summer!

Not a soccer mom said...

Exactly how summer should be...
So busy you don't have time to digest it all.

As for the beach 'bum' YIkes! I have to wonder.. did she get any sun under those folds? Sounds like she got it everywhere else

dadshouse said...

The breast pump lady sounds like she's multitasking a bit too much. She needs to chillax, like that breasty woman on the beach!

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Anonymous said...

That poor woman needs a friend...a true friend.

Joanna Cake said...

Good Heavens, there are some strange women in your neck of the woods!

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