Friday, August 27, 2010

The Comprehensive Guide To Gang Sign Language

Der was a time when me and ma homeys would post up at da Baby Gap and scare da mamas and da babies wit our scary gang sign language. If youz every seen any one of deez signs and wonder “AY… wut dat mean?” Well… now youz know.

*West Side*:

Notic how da hand look like a "W"... that means "West Side" aight!

*East Side*:

Notic how da hand look like a "E"... that mean "East Side" yeaaahhh boooooyeee!


Dis one aways take a minit tuh do...

Dere. See how it spel B-L-O-O-D. Yeh. You know it.

*Say There… I Think I’m Going To Shoot You With My Gun*:

See's how if youse pretand like ma hands a gun id be pointin' it right at yo ugly FACE YO!! You skered? Yeah... dat's whut I thought...

*You Better Move It There Buster... I'm A Bad Man*:

Yo. If youse see me comin' atcha like dis... you best move yo-self or I run you ovah son.

*I Say... I’m A Bit Sleepy*:

See hows ma hands in front uh my mouth like I'm yawning? Dat means I sleepy yo. Probly cuz I busted to many skulls dat day.

*A Bird Just Pooped On My Head*:

Yo. Dis ain't cool. If youse see my hand on my head and my head lookin' at the sky yo... it probly mean sum bird pooped on my cranium yo! That son of a bitch bird. I'll bash it wit my weapons if I eva see it again...

*Someone Just Shot And/Or Stabbed Me*:

If you see dis... youse haf to call 911. If you see dis... it mean one of mah enemes stabbed me wit a blade or shot me wit a gun yo! Totally not cool wen I ain't looking. Totally bogus... er... whack.

*I Am Going To Go Crochet Now*:

YO SHUT YO MOUTH YO!! Erey gangsta gotta haf sometin to pass da time son! Don't be hatin'! I know you only wish yo had haf the crochet skills I got yo! I cud crochet you mouth shut if yo don't check yo self!

*Where’s The Bathroom*:

Oh crap. Sumtims I got a terd playin' peek a boo brotha and I got's to go NOW SON!! WHERE DA BATHROOM AT SERIUSLY!!

*Don’t Bother Me Right Now… I’m Reading*

Even gangsta gotta get there read on homey. Dis one's 'bout learnin' to poop.

Soes… I juz tell u dis so youz know whut weez sayin’ if you walk by me. Don be skered jus cuz I got's scary glasses and one arm in my t shert... If you cool with me... I cool with you mama.

Peace homey. Ima go back tuh chillin' wit my ho.


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Mom said...

S'up bro? You pretty fly my homey. You got it goin' ohn, yo. Shiiiit.

UP said...

I like the fact that you're a total freak of nature!


Anonymous said...

That is some funny shiiiiot!

Not a soccer mom said...

Ha! Some of those just might come in handy--- some not so much

Kristy said...

Fierce! Especially when you have to take a moment to get your fingers "in position!"

Barefoot Dreamer said...

OMG totally laughing

Raquel's World said...

Yo shawty, thats like some real funny ish for real though, ya feel me. Holla!

Harold said...

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