Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Want a New Kid?

Do you feel you are nothing more than "a meal, clean clothes and a ride" to your kids? If you are tired of nagging your kids until you are blue in the face, read on. Want to rid your home of temper tantrums, rolling eyes and screams of "I hate you!", read on.

My wife and I have been reading "Have A New Kid By Friday" since Christmas. I can't recommend it highly enough. Even if your children are angels ALL THE TIME, there are still some benefits to be had. The application is easy because it doesn't require you to do anything more than saying something once and following through.

No yelling (by you). No threats (by you). No drama (on your part)

If your child is rude, disrespectful or does not do as you ask, you simply refuse to do or provide something they want in the near future. The "Gimme, Gimme!!" scene at Walmart results in not having the usual snack or play date they had been counting on later that day. The laundry that has remained unfolded despite your request results in not driving to Stacy's party like the child hoped. You calmly tell them why you "don't feel like doing" that activity for them because of they way they treated you.

Holy smokes the lessons work and work fast. You don't have to plan an detailed discussion, or develop an elaborate communication strategy. Instead, state your decision and the reason and walk away. Toddlers to teens, boys and girls, even step-children are much nicer children to have around by the time you finish chapter 3.

Let me know how it goes for you!

For some laughs, visit Dogs & Jeans.


Nancy@ifevolutionworks said...

That's how we roll here. It's a good way to work. Consequences.

Sandra said...

Sounds like a plan to me. Nicer teens is always a plus in my books!

KittyCat said...

Where was this when my kids were little.

now mine just suck me dry of $$$$$

but i still love them : )

Raquel's World said...

If they sell that book on half.com I will have it soon.

April said...

I partly do this. I say partly because I sometimes have an issue with following through. He'll do or say something and I'll say, "Ok then. If you want to be rude, then I'm not going to take you to the mall."

He will then apologize profusely and I SOMETIMES give in.

Well NO MORE! I'm going to grow a pair and stick to my guns!

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