Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Be A Better Hot Dad By Reading

If you are a man, or if you know someone who claims to be, I recommend you buy a copy of Adam Carolla’s recent book “In 50 Years, We’ll All Be Chicks”. The former co-host of “The Man Show” lays out why today’s society in softening guys and what we should do to stop it. He paints a horrifying, and hilarious, portrait of the modern man as insecure, incompetent and far too interested in smelling nice than knowing how to change a tire.

Some of the chapter titles include:

  • “We’ve Built A Minimum Wage Gilded Cage”
  • “Motherfucking Nature”
  • “God, Religious Tolerance, And Other Shit That Doesn’t Exist” and
  • “Foods I Have Beef With”

From politics to religion, women’s rights to parenthood, Carolla is not afraid to speak his mind and make you laugh uncontrollably along the way. But don’t take my word for it, here are some of the comments of others:

"Adam Carolla is a genius. And no, I'm not kidding."
--Jimmy Kimmel

"Reading Adam Carolla is akin to having a horrible illness. Alone with your thoughts, you struggle with whether you want to even go on living. When you're done, you're a stronger, better person."
--Alec Baldwin

"If you’re a man, read this book. If you’re a man who wears turtlenecks, wise up. Nobody thinks that looks good."
--Seth MacFarlane

“I don’t know this guy from Adam, but Carolla’s humor—fearlessly crass, shamelessly honest and irresistibly funny—sucks out like liposuction the layers of fatty pride to expose the often warped and wounded psyche buried deep within the modern American male.”
--Ken Burns

"If comedy books were big-breasted porn stars, In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks would be Christy Canyon."

--Bill Simmons, ESPN columnist and bestselling author of The Book of Basketball

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ChopperPapa said...

Fortunately I know how to change a tire, but I'm gonna need to stick with smelling nice though. I enjoy getting laid far too much to rogue on the Old Spice.

KittyCat said...

Dude I will not buy this for my sportsman.

He is a mans man, but he has a good smelling side to him that I wanna keep.

Thanks for the laugh though.

Happy THanksgiving.

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