Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Funniest Thing All Week

If you enjoyed "S#*t Girls Say" and "S#*t Girls Say Part 2" you'll love "S#*t Nobody Says."

Then swing by Dogs & Jeans for more pithy humor.


Sandi said...

Funny shit! I shared it on Facebook. Hope that's ok. Also I am one of your hot moms over at Nothing Off Limits. I lost my hot mom pic because Village Photos vanished into THIN air. Took my money, pictures and gone. :( So if anyone can send me that hot moms pic I'll link back to your page again. Email Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

I will admit to having said a few of the things on the video.

KittyCat said...

Too funny. I'll check out the other . Thanks

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Yeah, I'd be weirded out if I knew a guy who took in farts and loved it like that.

Lourie said... total lack of maturity sprang to the surface at: "Mmmm...fart!" Yep.

StyloweOne said...

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