Monday, December 5, 2011

You Can Make Money With Google!

It's true! After 3 years and nearly 800 posts, my blog Dogs & Jeans has finally broken through the $100 threshold. At a pace of $0.03 a day, it takes quite a while for those visits to add up, but if you are patient, and post relentlessly about the world of politics and current events, you too can receive some Christmas spending money every three years.

So what are people searching for on Google that is bringing them to Dogs & Jeans today? You'd be surprised:
  • Demotivation
  • Drunk Girls
  • James Bond
  • Mommy
  • Christmas
  • Ugly Fat People
  • Canadian Girls (but not the drunk ones)
  • Boobs
  • Fat Actress
  • Bad Mom
Now if only I could roll all those terms into one news story, I might receive my next $100 cheque sooner.


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Mock said...

That's pretty funny, I'm going through the same thing now with AdSense. Up to 20 bucks! One day I'll be able to cash out. Check out my site to see the goofiness that will hopefully get me paid!

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